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I had a long Successful Career of working for 41 years in the organizations as mentioned below:

a Social Service Society,

a Government of India Enterprise, which became a TATA Enterprise (a subsidiary of TCS),

a Corporate of Career Development and also

an IT Corporate having multiple companies including a Charitable Trust.

I am very thankful to the Director, Branch/Regional Heads & CMD, MD, Chairman & MD of these organizations, who gave me excellent opportunities. I am also thankful to my colleagues and friends who helped me to grow.

I had grown right from Office Assistant to Assistant Director and finally as a CEO of an IT Corporate. My main Roles and Responsibilities were General Administration, Business Development, Project Management with Review & Analysis, Management of Education & Training for Career and Professional Development, Leadership, Planning & Direction.

I learnt Import and Export, Cyber Security & Digital Marketing at the age of 61 years.

I have written my first Blog Post of Why I Learnt Digital Marketing at this age. I continue providing Management Services, Digital Marketing, Training Services, Import & Export, Career & Professional Development and Social Service. I like to share my Learning and Practical Experience to my clients so that my clients Learn them and put into practice with success.  This will be my Full Satisfaction and Achievement.

As regards my educational background, I did my primary education during 1965 to 1973 in St. Xavier’s Primary School in my own home town Mugaiyur, Villupura District, Tamil Nadu.  I did my Higher Education during 1973 to 1976 in Government Higher Secondary School in Kandachipuram, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.  I completed my Graduation during 1976 to 1980 in a famous college of St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu.  I did my post graduation in Business Administration externally while doing my job.

Career Development Program in Anjuman College, Nagpur, India



Global top 25 Management Services Providing Company by the year 2025


An innovation with Service Excellence  bridging gap between Service Providers and Valuable Clients with a motto “ Work Better and Live Better” so that our Valuable Clients become Result Oriented and Satisfied Clients.

Offering Services of Management, Digital Marketing, Training, Consultancy Services using various platforms of Blog Posts, Content Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media, Search Console and Digital Analytics for our Clients and Beneficiaries.

We shall provide sustainable, advanced technology solutions and services to our global customers with projects of national importance, maximizing value to our investors and promoters and also the communities we serve by sharing our practical experience with practical solutions.


We shall be a vibrant organization where openness,  trust, teamwork, sincere efforts, responsibility, accountability, discipline and innovation  are valued and promoted.

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Excellent career graph as well as learning at 60 with belief in God is very adorable. Very diligent to learn new things. This is my inspiration.

Swami Ji, age is just a Number 😃.
You have already mastered the art 🎭 of 🔢 Numbers Crunching during the successful tenure of 40+ Yrs including 25 🥇 Golden Year’s at CMC-TCS AHM.
All the very Best 👍. Keep on achieving 🆕 Milestones going ⏩⏩ forward.
Warm Regards ( As Winter ❄ Cold ❄ has already Set in) . 🙏🙏🙏Swami Ji, I know you are specialized in Digital Marketing Blogs, Online Training on Soft Skills, English, Web Development, Consultancy Services.

Thank You 🙏.

Dear Respected Sir,

You are my teacher and god, gave me a chance to work in your team. When there was no knowledge in computer and English, you gave me a chance and teach me for how to work in computer, file management, how to work manage, how to talk with people and many things…
I did lots of mistakes, but you did not focus in my mistakes and always Led to the right path.
I always remember you and told my wife and my children you are my right IDEAL.

God bless you…

Thanks & Regards,
Girish Tundia

Dear Girish, Thank you for your frank and sincere feedback. God put us together. I liked your hard, sincere and smart work. You are efficient with positive attitude. Keep growing. All the BEST.

Hi hairstyles, Thank you for your very positive comment. All the email IDs quoted by you are not correct. Please enter your genuine email id so that I can communicate to you.

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